Hi Guys! I had so much fun doing this collab with Arika. Check out our BEST BUTT WORKOUT on her channel here http://bit.ly/250pJd1
I’ve committed this year to getting in the best shape possible! lol. I know that this is going to be a long journey and that’s why I’ve given myself the whole year to see real results. I want to feel like my body is strong and healthy and that’s why I wanted to bring in Arika for this collab. She is healthy, takes care of her body and looks great! Of course everyone’s body is different, so please don’t think that I’m saying this is the only way to look good or everyone should look like this. NOT AT ALL. Healthy and strong..whatever that looks like for you. And we are in NO WAY experts. These are just our tips from our experience through the years working out. My body has come a long way. I’ve seen a lot of improvement but I still have a far ways to go and I love sharing what I learn along the way with you guys. Thumbs up if you liked this video or found it helpful! And if you want to see more, make sure you let me know! Find me on Instagram @EmanMakeup http://www.instagram.com/emanmakeup/
xoxo Eman

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If you made it this far, yay!! Welcome to my channel. I’m Eman 🙂 I’m a professional makeup artist. I love doing beauty videos on my YouTube channel EmanMakeup. Everything from beauty tips, how-tos, favorites, tutorials, natural makeup, smokey eyes, celebrity makeup, product reviews and giveaways. I love using lots of different brands like Makeup Forever, MAC, NYX and lots more. I like to mix it up and use high end makeup and affordable drugstore makeup. But my channel is more than just a beauty channel. I also love to do other videos like exercise videos, healthy recipes, travel videos and I like to vlog. So thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy them!!! xoxo
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