We lived on Elm Ave street until I was six. The house on Elm had a hot tub in the back and a cherry tree in the front. It was a tricycle ride away from a small french bakery that sold chocolate mice filled with mousse & Boulder’s last real butcher shop.

The cherry tree was big then but now it consumes the front yard. The house is the same dull tan color, but the tree is so profound it doesnt seem quite as bad. The butcher shop is long gone, the bakery replaced by an Egg & I.

The cherry tree was good for climbing year round, but the best was when it finally produced those plump red fruit jewels. Tree climbing went from a mediocre only-child pass time to a full on job and mission. It only took a nibble to learn that sour cherries aren’t the sort of thing you pick and eat. Sour cherries look like standard Bings but a bit smaller, and the minute the tart juice hits your tongue, you know its better to wait until they’ve undergone a pie-transformation.

The kitchen sat in the back of the house. On top of a pile of phone books, I remember pushing the cherries through a silver machine that popped the pit right out. I was in such awe of the pitting process that I completely missed the pie making. The next thing I knew, those cherries were sitting under a buttery lattice crust.

Since I wasn’t paying attention, this recipe is not for that pie. Instead, it’s for a different summer favorite: Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Done paleo, dairy-free, and egg-free.



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