Install WordPress on HostGator 2016 (for $0.01)

Let me show you how to install WordPress on HostGator. After years of using them, I highly recommend HostGator for WordPress websites – get started today for $0.01!

Use the HostGator coupon code “1WPHOSTING” while checking out with the Hatchling Web Hosting plan.

Installing WordPress on HostGator is easy and takes only a minute.

Login to your HostGator cPanel account, and scroll to find the QuickInstall option under the Software/Services section.

Within QuickInstall, click the WordPress option or the large image button that says “Install WordPress”.

Once installed, you will get your login username and password along with the URL to access your WordPress administration page.

I like to login the first time and save my user/pass with LastPass, a great password manager tool.

That’s it!

You can start customizing your WordPress website using themes and plugins.

Once you get the hang of how to install WordPress, it really is like second nature.

Again, if you have not selected a web host for your next WordPress website, consider HostGator as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Use the HostGator coupon code “1WPHOSTING” to receive your first month of WordPress web hosting for one penny.

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* Note that I make a small commission if you signup to HostGator. However, I will NEVER promote a product that I don’t use or 100% believe in. You can rest assured I only use trustworthy services for my business.

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