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So the holidays have been gone but a lot of you are probably feeling the weight after all the eating and drinking during the festive season. Well don’t feel bad, I have just the thing for you to get rid of that stubborn belly fat that you may have gained over the holidays. Let me give you a list of the 5 foods that you should avoid and the 5 foods that you should be consuming for a healthy you.

I also have this special juice recipe I want to share with you. This will help you get rid of that body fat. It’s called the Burn Your Body Fat Juice

So in this Stubborn Belly Fat Juice we used Celery as the base which is known to aid in weight loss and reduces inflammation. It also helps balance alkaline in the body and soothes your nervous system. For those of you who have problems with digestion, celery can help with that as well.

If you’re looking for more tools, tips, techniques check out detox with drew or click the link below. Click the link below to get my 5 Day Detox. It’s gonna give you a step by step profile how to do the detox, whether you wanna start with foods, smoothies, juices, it’s up to you. I’m gonna give you a grocery list and a supplementation guide, how to do it exactly. Also videos from Dr Lo’s, how to prepare your gut. When it comes to building muscle, you wanna make sure you’re absorbing the proper nutrients. If you absorb the nutrients, you wanna make sure your guts are in really good health.

Alright Fitlifers, if you’re on Facebook, make sure you click the link, it will take you to the blog where you can leave a comment, enter to win the juicer. Youtube, same thing, right below the video on the left the blog post, click on that, leave a comment on the blog. It will take you back there where you can enter for a chance to win the juicer. Here’s this recipe. Cheers to you, cheers to your transformation! We’re almost through with the month of January.
I’m Drew Canole, remember we’re in this together!

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